Integrated Executive Producer

Unrivaled offers post production for brands and on site video services for CGI effects.Who We Are Looking For:

Unrivaled is hiring an Integrated Executive Producer and or Head of Production to join our leadership team. You will work directly with the founders and senior leadership to grow and shape a department including – workflow, staffing, execution – across all types of projects – video/photo, social, broadcast, digital experiences, AR, CGI – from brief to final delivery. We believe production is the magic that brings the idea to life. Our producers are there from start to finish, responsible for telling stories from the pre- and post-production process in-house to pitch work. As the EP, Head of Production, you’ll see a team that brings a broad range of projects to life.

Who We Are

Our founding values drive everything we do, including how we work. We are looking for collaborators, thinkers, doers, problem solvers. We don’t work with assholes or big egos. You must respect people’s time, energy, background and thoughts. Our teams are made of the curious who like to explore and work with clients because of a deeper, personal connection to their business. Our home base is in Baltimore, but we have team members in NYC, Philly & WDC and team members throughout the country. Come join us and make work you love.


  • You are empathetic — you can see beyond the literal ask or comment to the bigger picture, concern or need and respond with action. You are able to connect deeply with teammates and our partners to bring solutions that work for everyone.
  • You are comfortable in a startup environment — fast-paced, highs and lows, you are comfortable with the unknown. 
  • You are a thinker and a doer — you’re not above getting your hands dirty with line production and developing a new approach in the afternoon.
  • You are a builder – A creative maker, who is process oriented and has a strong point of view with the ability to bring people together to create and inspire innovative solutions.
  • You are fearless – You can deal with any concept, any budget and any timeline. Solution oriented, if you don’t have the answers you know how to find them. If you don’t have the biggest budget or the longest timeframes you work with creatives and clients to find viable solutions. You translate grey area into actionable black and white solutions. 
  • You are tenacious — you are relentless in the pursuit to make the best work and bring relationships to life. Beyond being a self-starter.  You constantly seek ways to make relationships stronger, processes more efficient and outcomes more effective. 
  • You accept your humanity — you’re a superstar in your role, but humbly acknowledge when you’re out of your depth, have made a mistake or need a break. You strive for excellence, but stay grounded in where work sits in the big picture of life.  
  • You have purpose and passion — you are driven by more than just a paycheck or way to spend your time. You have a deep motivation to help make the world a better place. 


  • Plan
    • Identify the right resources needed across various mediums and channels to produce the content. 
    • Draft/Review statements of work, production estimates, vet partners and collaborators.
    • Bring ideas and approaches to the table that inspire the team and our client partners.
  • Project Management & Operations
    • Oversee content production across multiple projects simultaneously in an organized manner to help set workload projects.
    • Execute & maintain cross-agency account processes and project management infrastructure, partnering with Director of Account Strategy and CEO.
    • Collaborate on concepts, executional approaches, provide timelines and cost estimates, ensuring all deliverables are met.
    • Build repeatable processes for the production and post-production teams.
    • Support Director of Account Strategy in developing project plans. Develop client timelines, briefs, change orders, presentations + beyond as needed according to the project plan. 
  • Client Development
    • Shepherd our clients through the production process and making them feel at ease, helping them to make decisions, and making them feel a part of the creative process.  
    • Treat clients like our advocates, partners, and allies.
    • Being on-set, edit sessions, and other in-person activities are a chance for us to create an experience for our clients, bring ideas to life and innovate on how to create a collaborative environment.
  • Brand Purpose
    • Contribute to Unrivaled’s mission to change the world through commerce
      • Actively monitor the production industry landscape for new media, technology or cultural opportunities to bring to our clients work
      • Identify opportunities for self-directed learning within the brand values, including environmental and social sustainability, innovative client partnership structures and service models
      • Explore ways to incorporate your personal passions and interests into your daily work and future agency initiatives 



  • Minimum 10 years of experience in production, technology with a creative agency, production company, post house or consultancy 
  • Direct client-facing experience. 
  • High EQ and the ability to read what a team needs to be productive and efficient.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure.
  • Has deep understanding of line production, logistics of pre and post production, along with a POV on approach.
  • Interest in new media and technology to create better processes and a more collaborative working environment.
  • Ability to scope projects, create budgets and use in-house and external resources to stay on-budget and on-time.
  • Experience negotiating production contracts, scopes, influencer and talent agreements.
  • Work with consumer-facing brands, preferably in the sports/lifestyle verticals.
  • Demonstrated passions & interests outside of work. 
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of regional and national market for production resources, reps, artists, creatives, etc