Permission To Chill
Project Details
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Engaging New Fans With NIL Stars

Best known for casual footwear, Crocs wanted to tap into the fandom of college athletes and the world of sport in their influencer marketing for the Mellow Slides. Leveraging college aged, sport-focused ambassadors, we worked with Duke basketball star, Jared McCain and gold medal winning gymnast, Suni Lee. Both NIL stars amplified storytelling across their owned channels to drive interest with their fans and bring new audiences to the brand.

Engaging New Fans With NIL Stars

Comfort & Self Care Comes First

Shooting three pointers and running mountain drills at practice ain’t easy. Neither is training night and day for an Olympic sport or mom-ing round the clock. After a big day, you deserve to take a break, kick off your shoes and kick back in Crocs’ all-new Mellow Collection, the softest slides and flips to wind down after winning the day. You’ve got permission to chill. We captured our featured college athletes in ways that were authentic to our ambassadors interests and internet lives so fans connected through the lens of Crocs. We captured tough training sessions and juxtaposed them with imagery of relaxation while highlighting the features and benefits of the product.

What We Provided

Full service video and photography production.

Creative Insight

Whether after a tough training session or after a long day running errands, these fans are seeking comfortable products to help them relax. To them, comfort and self care comes first, both emotionally & physically.