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Unrivaled created Vaxy Nation for Chase Brexton Healthcare and did the animation for them.


Many people are hesitant to get vaccinated for COVID due to a lack of information and mis-information. Chase Brexton Healthcare, a 501(c)(3) non-profit medical center, providing a range of clinical services, wanted to address it by creating a video. We worked with agency, IDFive, to create an animated COVID vaccine PSA. We were tasked with creating a piece to educate viewers while doing so in a politically neutral tone.

What we provided

Animation, Script Consulting, Voice Over

Creative Strategy

There is no shortage of dry and uncreative public service announcements from government agencies and healthcare providers. As a result, the general public began to mentally experience COVID fatigue from the onslaught of news and sensationalized headlines designed to get people to click or react on social media, often contributing to the spread of fear and misinformation. Collaborating with Chase Brexton and IDFive, we developed “Vaxy Nation,” an irreverent animated character who was created to break down the barriers a traditional spokesperson could create, while incorporating playfulness and humor to encourage engagement with accurate information about the vaccine.

Gold Healthcare Digital Marketing Award

“The campaign was extremely well-received.”

Character Development

01 Vaxy Nation

We considered diverse backgrounds when creating Vaxy Nation, with the goal of connecting to a wide variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds including native Spanish and English speakers. The Vaxy Nation character used inspiration from retro vaudeville shows combined with the sass of present day entertainers, designed to be ambiguous and fun.

Unrivaled created an animated COVID PSA for Chase Brexton with the animated characters, Vaxy Nation and The Pandemics.

02 The Pandemics

Background characters, also known as The Pandemics, dressed similarly unless they had a specific role like being a doctor. They each had different skin tones and hair, with slightly varying heights to appeal to a wide audience. 

Vaxy Nation was created by Unconquered in partnership with Unrivaled, a post production company.

03 Accessories & Props

As The Pandemics performed different roles in the script, different accessories and stage props were used to drive the story home. Here we see a newspaper with “Fake News” written on it to illustrate misinformation.

unrivaled is an animation company who worked with covid commercials.

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