Lilly King Olympic Campaign
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Crocs were featured in this shoot with influencer and olympic gold medal winner, Lily King.


Crocs believes everyone should be comfortable in their own shoes. The Come As You Are mantra has featured collaborations with a wide range of celebrities and brands including Justin Beiber, Lightning McQueen, Post Malone, Kentucky Fried Chicken and others. The brand has become a Gen Z favorite for their encouragement of individuality and self-expression.

Continuing their focus on influential collaborations with celebrities and ambassadors, they worked with the U.S. Olympic swimmer, Lily King, who is known for her love of Crocs. As an avid Crocs fan, Lilly is well known for wearing her Crocs on the pool deck and podium during her journey as a club swimmer to a world champion. King is a 2-time Gold Medalist, 11-time World Champion, and women’s World and American Record Holder in the 100-meter breaststroke, and is one of the newest ambassadors representing the brand’s Come As You Are campaign.

Lily King

“I got my first pair of Crocs when I was only 7 years old and it is a dream come true to be a part of the Crocs family. I am proud to wear my red, white and blue Crocs in Tokyo.” 

What we provided



Unrivaled worked along side Crocs’ internal creative team and their partner agency to shape the storyline, provide art direction and full-service post-production for the campaign. During our creative brief development, we landed on a long-format video series that was intended to be native to social media.


01 Inspiration

We used the design of the classic clog to inform our art direction, turning the holes in the shoe design into polka dots in the motion graphics.

The iconic holes in the crocs classic clog were used for our inspiration and art direction across motion graphics.

02 In Action

Starting with a bold polka dot, we ended making the final version more transparent.

Unrivaled turned crocs clog design into motion grpahics.

03 Typeface Animation

The polka dots were then combined with the typeface and an animated texture that resembled light reflecting at the bottom of a pool.

Lily King dives into the pool during a shoot with Unconquered. Motion graphics were done by Unrivaled.

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